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Changing the Way New Products Are Developed. Integrating Agile project management methods into a Stage-Gate system offers both opportunities and challenges


Web development and Web Design services. We are specialized in creating websites in WordPress and Magento. Experts in removing malware from infected websites.


We provide secure, reliable, individual, fast and feature-rich web hosting and email solutions. All our solutions are based on Cloudlinux and WHM/Cpanel.

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Research: The Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrid Mode

Agile development methodologies have been widely employed in the software industry, where they have been found to yield positive results. But can these new methods, with their new tools such as sprints, scrums, burndown charts, and backlogs, really be integrated with the traditional and popular Stage-Gate approach and then applied to physical products?

Development: Specialized in creating websites using WordPress

Creating websites and webshops with focus on automating workflows to increase efficiency, plus save time and money in the process.

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Sommer Systems IVS is a family-owned business that reflects the values and ethics of our family. Our services are a product of our individual passion and focus.

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  • Agile–Stage-Gate for Manufacturers: Changing the Way New Products Are DevelopedIntegrating Agile project management methods into a Stage-Gate system offers both opportunities and challenges
  • Leveraging Virtual Experimentation and Simulation to Improve R&D Performance: A preliminary maturity matrix for virtual experimentation and simulation technologies can help companies understand where and how to develop simulation capabilities.
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  • Leveraging Virtual Experimentation and Simulation in R&D
  • Agile-Stage-Gate: New idea-to-launch method for manufactured new products is faster, more responsive
  • The Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrid Model: A Promising New Approach and a New Research Opportunity
  • Determining the Value of Ambiguous Agile Projects With Multiple Iterations Using Expected Commercial Value


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